Lost a listing; it is possible to recover it from a backup?

A couple of months ago, I posted a listing to Ebay using Garagesale.

Today, the listing is not there, it has disappeared.
Probably, it was my mistake; I entered a new listing by modifying that one, but I forgot to duplicate the listing first.

Is there any way to recover it, from Garagesale or Ebay?

Ciao Paolo,
if you only lost one listing, the best thing to do is re-import it from ebay, if it is still active (as I suppose). To do it:

archivio > importa > importa da Mio eBay

If you have a TimeMachine backup, you could try swapping in an older version of your GarageSale database Library/Container/com.iwascoding.garagesale7, export the desired listing, and then restore the current version of the database (which you made a copy of before installing the backup version).

Sorry if it is a stupid question, but how can I backup my database? maybe duplicating the last entry in the Library/Container/com.iwascoding.garagesale7?
And then how can I load an older version in my garagesale?
I cannot find dedicated commands on my menu…
By the way, my garagesale is in Italian. I will prefer to have it in English, so all the help items will be more clear to understand. Can I swap language?
Thanks in advance for your patience…

unfortunately, it is not on ebay. I don’t know what happened, but it disappeared there as well.

if you want to keep it in Italian, I might give you an help since I am Italian too. Swapping between language almost change nothing except… languages :grin: text and fields are the same. Honestly I don’t know how to change language…

Uhm do you use Time Machine or such tools to back up your computer data? If you don’t, there is no way to get back that listing. Just DON’T touch anything inside the container folder, it’s really “fragile”. Otherwise, if you use time machine:

  • close GS
  • copy the actual container folder somewhere safe
  • restore an old version while GS is close from time machine
  • open GS
  • find the listing and export it
  • close GS and restore the folder you saved somewhere safe
  • open GS and import the listing you exported.

I suppose Ilja intended to do this. But if I can ask, why just don’t creating it ex novo? In my own opinion it does not worths the time and the risk to touch the folder in containers…

I supposed it expired, or it was removed from eBay?? Just go into Il mio eBay, then select “Inserzioni scadute senza vendita”, is it there?

It is not there.

i checked “non venduti” “venduti” ed “in corso” and it is not there.

it simply disappeared.

Too bad, it was a complicated listing…

I’ll have to rebuilt it.

When did it disappear? Do you remember the title or partially? Did it concern anything related to fascism? If so, it was removed from ebay and is available no where… also collectibles are removed very fast if contains something related to it. It is just a suggestion without knowing what was inside the listing… but it happened to me over ebay.it so…

No fascism nor nazism.
It was a travelling optometrist lens set, dating from many years ago, made in Chicago and containing hundreds of lens.
I hate to vave to rebuild that listing, it took hours to enumerate all those lenses…

So we have to esclude also the option of removing by ebay. If you do not have a Time machine backup and/or you cannot find it also looking into ebay, I guess you have to rebuilt it…

yes i have a time machine, and I have seen where is the container.

I tried to restore several past sessions, but unless i’ll catch the exact day it will not work…
well, i’m happy because i learned something new; and i’ll rebuild that listing.
thanks for your help!

p.s. just a suggestion: maybe, if it will be possible and reasonably easy, it will be an idea to implement a “wastebasket” option in garagesale.
probably my mistake was to overwrite that listing, thinking to be working on a duplicate while i was working on the original instead.

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