Lost database from 2016

I haven’t used garagesale actively for 5+ years. I’m running a M1 Mac mini now and I have installed the latest version 8.4.1 (1326). I have backups of everything for 10 years but cannot locate the database Library. Maybe I was on version 4 before? I can’t really pin it down. I think the last time I use garagesale was December of 2016 I think. Is it possible to find old library and use it?

I think you have to download GarageSale 7 as an interim step for the migration, as it’s the last version that is able to import GarageSale 6 (and possibly older) databases.

If there’s something on your Mac from an older version, GarageSale 7 should be able to find it.


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Thank you, that makes sense. I have older versions and can try starting there. Much appreciated!

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