Lost Listing when Duplicating in Search Results

Search for listings. Select a listing, and do a --D to Duplicate without photos. Select the newly duplicated listing. Close out the Search box. The listing is not found. BAD. See Movie #1.

And the newly duplicated listing does not show up at all in the outline view hierarchy. And not in the folder where it was just duplicated. And searching for it, and selecting it does not find it. See Movie #2.

The only thing you can do is search again, and select the newly duplicated listing in the search results and “Delete Listing” and then it appears at the bottom of the Deleted Listings. I THINK this only happens the first time you try to duplicate a particular listing in the search result, because if you try to duplicate the same listing in the search results a second time it seems to work properly.

I THINK this has been a problem for a long time. It was NOT just introduced with the new search result folder hierarchy display.


Screen Recording (GarageSale) 1

Screen Recording (GarageSale) 2

Thank you making these videos and description of the problem.
I tried it here, even with items hidden in deep folders, but never was able to reproduce the issue that you have. The duplicated item was always found and correctly selected when using/clearing search.

That doesn’t mean there is no issue but maybe it has to do with your specific folder structure and/or GarageSale database.

It doesn’t happen every time, but very frequently. But usually the first time after I launch the app. Maybe some database items are not yet cached??? And I’m also pretty sue I have to use the shift key to Duplicate without photos…

I’ll see if I can gather any more info.


Hi Neal
I reported the same thing a couple of weeks back but I could not replicate it it when asked to by Kristian. It has not been an issue since then - until today. I now do not duplicate from the Search results.


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