Lost paid up GTC picture licence on new device

Just bought a new Macbook and re-downloaded the Garagesale App from the Appstore and all working fine until i tried to upload a GTC listing to my store.
The picture service was paid up for over 6 months but does not show on my account any longer … Is there any way or sorting this or do i need to pay up again for something i have already paid for ?
Great app by the way … first real problem

Please hold down the option/alt key on your keyboard when pressing the button for purchasing the GTC listing ability. This should produce a panel, which asks for the transaction id# of your original purchase. This number is in your original receipt e-mail. Enter it and you should be fine.

Thanks for getting back to me , i no longer have this emaildo you have a record at your end of the number linked to my email address ?regards Andy

Sorry, when you bought through the Apple App Store, we don’t get any buyer information from Apple.

On the other, are you sure you are signed into the Mac App Store with the same AppleID you used to purchase the GTC option. Cases like yours should be handled by the Mac App Store automatically.

i have contacted iTunes and followed your instructions but nothing pops up , just tries to take me to iTunes to purchase again … seq no. 1-142243453 , doc no. 166099197600 … regards andy