Lost templates / listings

I finally upgraded tonight due to a failure to launch any new listings due to a constant internal error notification. I started searching for my listings and only old ones are coming up. I have hundred just not there. How and where do I import them ?

Hi lou,

you upgraded from GarageSale 6 to GarageSale 7 and in GarageSale 7 not all your items (from GarageSale 6) are there, did I get this correctly?

Did you start GarageSale 7 on your Mac for the first time or did you already start it in the past?
If last, you might want to let GS7 re-import your GS6 database.
Please see point #19 in the FAQs here:

Regards, Kristian

Hi, I trilaed the new version but went back to the new one . I will go to that linkā€¦Thanks

Having major problems trying to import my data. For some reason since installing New version of G Sale and while importing the data, makes the computer do weird things. It randomly restarts itself, freezes and is quite erratic. Im running High Sierra version 10.13.3. When I restart computer and dont open GS it runs like a dream. I want to go back to the Old garage sale but I ended up having problems listing anything. Its like it was made redundant. My sons been trying to help me but we cant seem to figure out why this is happening. I have auctions to list sunday night, running out of time.

This sounds like a hardware problem, most likely bad memory. Do you have an authorised Apple service shop or Apple store nearby to run a hardware diagnose?

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