Lots of issues - cant find weight or dimensions


When i click on the problems found screen theres a little icon that lets you show/hide the items it finds. when i hid them now they are gone totally lol.

Also, i for the life of me cannot figure out shipping in this version. for a sanity check i listed one item on the web with ebay… listed just fine.

I have shipping, return and payment templates set. Pretty standard stuff. It keeps complaining that package weight is missing. i cant find where to put in the package dimensions or weight.

When i click on it in the template, it just pops open the shipping template screen but… alas its not there either. What am i doing wrong??


In the shipping options just click on the plus icon next to “Package”:

package details

This option is only available if you have selected a shipping profile OR use calculated shipping.

Regards, Kristian

Well that worked but ive got to say thats hidden very well. a much better way would be to have a link to it in the error message that you could click on to take you to that spot. Now its like a secret handshake you need to know where it is and the code to get in. lol

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