Main Photo does not show up on listings

Hi there, I tried to publish my message yesterday on iwascoding user forum, it did not allowed me. I am trying again. Because another issue today I do not know what to do. I uploaded 12 listings, none of them show a main photo on my listings on Ebay. I cannot send them to Pinterest. I know that I can go to Ebay and upload photos again, but then why I need this program? Also today I went to Ebay to add best offers and was surprised that all my listings said that I did not set up return policies even I know I put all that info in GS. I should do it manually on Ebay.

Help please with your advices. Recently, I bought the latest version Version 6.9.5. I like it but am spending so much time struggling with this program. My questions regarding Garage Sale:

1 Right now, I wanted to open my Shoes templates, and all of them appeared in pairs. They were already submitted (yellow), and now they all have twins (black) templates. I am waisting my time deleting them!
2 Two of my templates were listed yesterday, they still do not show main pictures in my listings. Before, it happened a few times and I changed them on Ebay. Those templates now do not have any photos only question marks.
3 Return policy does not accept any my words, just first writing like “20% restocking fee may apply” which I wrote first when started working w/program. I cannot add other words to these.
4 Payment instructions say that I used over 500 letters, but I did not.
5 When I try to use my template second time, it says that I did not set shipping and return policies. Then I try to change info, still says the same. I work only on Garage Sale and did not set up any policies on Ebay, but now I see a lot of policies when I push the additional buttons on the right by shipping and return buttons (item inspector).
These are not yet all questions but enough for now.


these are many strange issues - to me it sounds like major issues with your GarageSale database. Maybe your GarageSale database got corrupted.

I’ll contact your off-list with further instructions.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian! I was waiting for your answer via email (I sent my questions to iwascoding too). I did not receive it. Just now i found this answer. Now, I have another issue and writing again. Two days ago, I made a few pre-listings and put there my photos and titles. Today, I wanted to continue and found out that instead of pictures all of them have just question marks. And one of my listed templates also has just question marks instead of pictures; though, there are photos on actual Ebay listings. Will you find time for me to help, please?!
Thank you!


did you already replied to my off-list mail? However, maybe it’s faster if you sent a mail to the GarageSale support directly.
I assume that there’s a major issue with your database :frowning:
Regards, Kristian