Make sourcecode available?

Dear iwascoding-Team,

Garagebuy and Garagesale is great software and I use it on a daily basis - since Garagebuy is free to use I don’t want to complain about it not being updated for almost 5 years now, but there are several features I miss (like sync between different macs, ebay messaging/notification, sort for start of auction, aso.) and would like to implement them myself. Is there any chance, that you consider releasing the sources with free-to-use license on a public repository (like a git-repo or

It would be also awesome to see Garagebuy to be integrated into Garagesale, hence this would make Garagesale a all-in-one ebay-powertool for tracking and selling parts for component level repair or similar.

Are there still any other Garagebuy users out there, who would like to contribute or see new features?

Kind regards,

PS: Please consider this also as offer for help in a manner of “I want to give back smth., regardless of my Garagesale license.” :wink: