Managed Payments issue

Version 8.3.6, macOS 10.13.6. I use Shipping and Return profiles as required by eBay. The business polices page no longer allows me to create a payment policy since Managed Payments was activated for my account. I do not have PayPal [after 19 years, they closed my account w/o warning even though I never had a chargeback or broke any rules in their TOS]. Since shipping and return profiles are required, I must also use a payment profile, but I have none, nor can I create one now that my account is setup to do Managed Payments. [business polices are required to use eBay, so I am in a catch 22 situation right now].

You can setup a payment policy with the Managed Payments options in your account business policies. It shows up automatically when you create a new ‘payment’ policy. Just give it a name.

You can no longer do that, if your account has Managed Payments activated. The business policy page gives an error when you attempt to add a payment policy [or at least it has for the last 3 days of trying].

After 4 days with being in Managed Payments, the Biz Policy page now does not give me an error creating a new payment profile. So for folks who get transferred to eBay Payments, give the biz policy page a few days to allow you to use it!

Even if you have managed payments, you can OPT OUT of business policies. At least for some as-yet-unspecified time period. I gave business policies a shot in order not to see all those warning signs when verifying new listings, eBay was quarrelsome when I tried to made order among the chaos of policies, that I simply opted out for as long as they will permit it. I can live with yellow warning signs that don’t actually matter :slight_smile:

So, the issue is that GarageSale still insists on using 3 profiles (payment, return, shipping), when there are no payment profiles for users that opted into managed payments? :thinking:

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