Mandatory currency listing from US$ to CDN$

Is there a quick way to re-list all my items in CDN$ ? Currently my items are all in US$.


If you’re referring to GarageSale 6: You can switch to CDN$ in the currency settings in the Advanced Inspector (scroll down there).

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for the prompt reply. Unfortunately when I do what you suggest & then “revise current listing” I get an error message from eBay - “Currency is unchangeable when revising or relisting an item.”

It’s not possible the change the currency of a running eBay listing. I guess, you have to cancel the listing and re-list with US$ as currency.

But my understanding of the currency change is, that you can leave your old CDN listings running, only new listing are barred from using CDN as a currency.

How do I change multiple listings currency with garage sale 7?

You can bulk-edit multiple listings at once. Please see the help here for all details:

However, if I am not mistaken you can only change the currency if the selected eBay site supports multiple currencies. You can check it in the Advanced Inspector in the “Location” options.

Regards, Kristian