Manual changes to listing icon colour

Is it possible to manually change the colour of listing icons?

My items for sale are also synched with another ecommerce site, as well as eBay. If an item is sold on the other site, the listing is automatically closed on eBay. GarageSale then moves the listing from ‘live’ (blue) to ‘ended’ (grey).

I need to show the listing as sold (green) so that I don’t make the mistake of relisting the item again.



You could add a new ‘group’ and drag those listings into it. Not quite automatic, but will keep you organized.

Also, when an item sells and you end the listing it is green. If you sell one of a multiple quantity listing of say 10 and you sell 2 you have 8 to relist but it shows as green button when ended meaning it has sold but I need to know that I have 8 more I can relist.


Are you confirming that mnually changing the colour of icons is not possible?

Like rlmartin, I would also like to manually change icons from green to grey occaionally.

Right now, you can only customize the colors for a given state of a listing in the preferences. (See screenshot below). Would a feature help that lets you add colored labels/tags/dots to listings, like the MacOS Finder allows you to have for files?

Hi Ilja
Yes, I saw this was a new feature with the upgrade…but doesn’t really address the issue.

As more and more applications synch with eBay, keeping integrity with listings in GarageSale becomes more important.

Adding labels/tags/dots wouldn’t really help as it adds a secondary indicator. Being able to manually change the listing icons to correct the status of the listing would be most useful.


The multiple items listing issue with some sold but a few remaining to sell still both show up as green as well as all items sold from a listing. Another classification or color needs to be added to separate that there are still some left to sell in inventory because not all have sold.

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