Manufacturer list is not downloading

The manufacturer list is not downloading for most categories, or only the first few alphabetically listed manufacturers for a given category. For example, I used to be able to just type Erm… and the name Ermenegildo Zegna would auto populate the field. Typing that name over and over again is getting old. This is not new to GS7, but it seems worse. Is something corrupted in my database, if so, can I delete whatever it is to force GS to download all the new manufacturers from eBay?


currently we download up to 500 different values for each attribute name. There are a few names that has a huge number of entries and this would takes a while and slows down the whole editing process of attributes. I will add a ticken that we a should look for an improvement of this, but until now, maybe it helps to just use copy and paste?

And there is also a “Copy Listing Components” in the listing context menu (in the outline view on the left) where you can copy and paste all different listing settings (e.g. the complete attributes). Then you can select another listing and paste specific “components” through the “Paste Listing Components” context menu item:


I see what you’re saying, and 500 entries, for example, does not get me past “B” alphabetically for Sport Coat. Is there a way to manually download the entire brand name list for selected categories? I used Zegna as an example, but it’s all the brand names for given categories that I’d rather have auto-fill not only to save time, but to prevent misspellings of the brand name. From a laymans point of view, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to download a few thousand manufacturers names in text.
Copy-pasting the manufacturer’s name from one template to another would take more time than typing it in, I don’t think this is a good solution. Also, in my experience, when I try to copy attributes from one listing to another I there’s always enough attributes that I need to change to make that process slower and more mistake prone than just putting them in by scratch.

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