Many Sub-Categories Are Missing -- "Unknown"

Starting a few days ago, many subcategories in GS are missing. My currently running eBay items in GS now display “Unknown” for category.

Alphabetically, all the sub-categories from “DVD” to “Real Estate” are now completely gone.

This is complicating my ability to list and/or revise items in their appropriate category. Or making it impossible to list if there is no available appropriate category.


See the reply to " Garagesale 8.3 catagories".

If refreshing your access token from the Account preferences doesn’t work, have you tried choosing “Update Categories” from the Sprocket button in the Categories panel?

I just did what you said, and that fixed the problem immediately. Plus I learned something new! Thanks a bunch!

I find myself wondering that since this fix is pretty often the culprit, that it should become a button to press or an automatic requirement “every 30 days” to use GS?

I have the Unknown Category problem happen every month or so.

I can not remember the last time when I had to Refresh my eBay Access Token. But I just checked, the Account Preferences and “Token Download Date: Jul 9, 2020 at 10:46:07 AM”, so I guess I did 7 months ago…


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