Marking scheduled auctions?

Hi, been using GarageSale for while, and I’m wondering about a couple things I’d like to be able to do or change.

First, is there anyway to highlight scheduled auctions in the template section? I have a devil of a time remembering what running, what sold and what’s scheduled to start tomorrow.

Second, in the schedule auction section, is there any way to change the color and/or the font? Pastel bars with white type are almost unreadable. The yellow is the worst. I constantly have to go to the inspector, invoke the color wheel and slide the adjuster down to black. Is there some setting I can use to convert those colors automatically?

And third, I’m having pictures disappearing from templates before I get to post them. I prepare a dozen or do , and before scheduling, the pictures disappear. What’s up with that?

Thanks for any and all assistance.

GarageSale 6.8, 2006 MacPro, 10 gig ram, and all that jazz…

These two suggestions are already on our to do list. We just need to work our through to the list…

Does the picture disappear in GarageSale? Or is it missing on the eBay website after posting?

Any reason why you are not on GarageSale 6.9 by now?

As far as losing images from templates, it occurs both ways. I have some templates that auto-relist, and the images seem to disappear, or not. It’s random. And templates that have never been listed occasionally lose images. Pain in the behind when 6-8 images are involved. It also means I have to manually check every template before listing. Grrr.

As far as 6.9. I was under the impression that I had to have a highr OS than 10.7.5, which is where I’m at, and where I’m gonna stay for a while. I mean, I drive a 1966 Chevy pickup. I don’t need the latest OS unless forced to. Thanks for the response on the other questions!