Mass edit for Item Description Field

So I have about 1,000 fixed price listings at ebay, and I want to replace the “item Description” field on ALL of them.

Ebay’s only lets you ‘add’ to what’s already there. I don’t need that.

Can Garagesale do it all at once without have to click and paste 1,000 times ?


Yes, but it’s not entirely straight forward:

  1. If all your listing contain a the same word, you could use the “Bulk Search & Replace” command to replace these words with something different.

  2. You could use a short AppleScript like the one below to set the description of each of the selected listings to something else.

tell application "GarageSale"
	repeat with theListing in (get selected ebay listings)
		set the description of theListing to "My custom description"
	end repeat
end tell

In both case you’d need to use the “Revise Listing” command to upload your changes to eBay.

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