Media browser window not inserting pictures in template GS8

I am long term garagesale user and have garagesale 7 installed and fully working.

I was wanting to upgrade to Garagesale 8 but noticed the following strange fault.

In the media browser in GarageSale 8 (add image from library) if I click on a single image in a multiple image folder it shows the single image in the media browser window but does not insert the image in the listing.

If I click on the enlarged image in media browser it then proceeds to show other single images in the album large in the media browser window

I can insert images by using “Add Image file” and they appear in the template but this is not suitable when images are stored in photos.

How do I get image browser working fine in GS8?


Can’t you simply drag the image(s) from the media browser and drop it in your listing?

Regards, Kristian

Yes to dragging pictures but is the media browser broken as this is not the same as GS8.

Why would you want a single image shown in the media browser by clicking on it, it feels broken?

In addition you can NOT add picture folders from the hard drive to the browser that you could in GS7


This is just an option to better preview the image, I guess. However, you can switch to the legacy media browser in the GarageSale preferences > General, is that one works better for you.

That’s still possible. You can drop folders below the “Photos” entry.

Regards, Kristian

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