Missing Design & User Properties

Many of my existing, long-running listings seem to be missing all of their Design and User Properties:

Ideas? Many thanks!

If no design properties are available there, you don’t have a design selected in the Design browser.
My guess is that your using a listing that you import from eBay using the “Import from my eBay” command.

The problem with listings imported from eBay is that the whole source code of the item description gets downloaded. This includes the code for the listing design and the embded images (image URLs).
That’s why you can’t edit design and design properties as you can with a listing created in GarageSale.

In this case it’s helpful to “clean” the item description so you can select a design and add images as usual:
The best way to clean it is copying the description text, switch to editor mode, delete the entire description and paste the description back into preview mode.

FYI: GarageSale 8 has an option to “Remove design from description” in the “Import from eBay” panel. That might be helpful if you import from eBay the next time.

Regards, Kristian

This happened to me a couple of months back. I guess I might have clicked on something wrong and didn’t know it. It is relatively easy to rebuild your properties using the copy and paste using the right click on your highlighted listing and “Copy Listing Components” from the Design you want and choose “Paste listing Components” to your blank listings. You can do this as a bulk edit to 1,000 listings if needed

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