Missing Final Value Fee

Just found the Final Value Fee & Fee Totals are no longer displaying information.
Anybody else see this?

I know this information was populated yesterday as I was fulfilling orders. But its got nothing in these fields today.

Is this an eBay API issue or a GarageSale issue?
GarageSale 9.3 (1516)

My GS has stopped as well at 3/21/23, 1:32:24 PM. I never use that feature. My wife downloads a file from ebay that has all the fees.

GarageSale loads these fee details from the eBay system. Sometimes nothing is provided by the eBay system (or it just takes a while) and so there is nothing for GarageSale to show.

It’s worth a try to refresh your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts and afterwards select “Update All Listings” from the “Listing” menu and also “Update All Orders” from the “Orders” menu.

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