Missing Logo Image

Hi there!

I have an eBay listing with a slightly customised Pro store GarageSale design. My store logo and footer logo are hosted on Google’s https servers. My logos appear when looking at the listing on an iPhone but a little blue box with question mark appear when looking online on a browser…

Any ideas?


Hi Chuck,

can you post a link that listing so we can check it?

Regards, Kristian

Oops! Sorry about forgetting that. Thanks for your help!

Best, Chuck

This might have to do with the sandboxed iFrame eBay puts the item description in, I am not sure.
Maybe it just has to do with the empty spaces you’re using in your image’s title. It’s worth a try to remove them, re-upload the image and insert the new URL in your listing.

Regards, Kristian

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Thank you, taking out the spaces in the image names seems to have done the trick!