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I began having problems suddenly today when attempting to start a listing. When I do I get an error message - “Connection Error Unknown authorization error from eBays opernAPI.” Also there is a red exclamation point in the side bar by Payments. When I click on that I get he message - “Missing PayPal address. Please specify a PayPal address for the elected account in the account Preferences.” Can someone help me figure this out.? - Dan

Hi Dan
A screen capture might help.

Here are the errors that I get

I think you can remove your PayPal email from the GarageSale preferences > Accounts.
The main eBay sites no longer use PayPal but eBay’s own “managed payments”.

The second error should go away if you refresh your eBay access token(s) in the GarageSale preferences.

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I can’t even get garage sale to open…the image just spins…then computer crashes…

If you get a Kernel Panic there might be an issue with your Mac hardware. I’ll reply to your support request.

Refreshing the token resolved that problem. However, the PayPal problem persists. I went into Garage Sale preferences under the eBay and PayPal tabs and removed my email address. Still getting the same error message. I’ve attached screen shots. Let me know if there are any other suggestions.

Could it be that you have an old payment profile selected that still uses PayPal?

If so, please check and edit the profile on the eBay website or better create a new profile. Please see our help here how to deal with these profiles (“Business Policies”):

I did find my profile on the eBay website and opted in to Business Policies. Not really sure what I did or what I clicked but the problem is gone. Thanks for all of the advice. It really helped. - Dan

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