Modification DesignTemplate

Hello and thanks for your help.
Excuse me ! I’m French and i don’t speak english very well but i have a problem.
I want to modify a designtemplate (photo cover) and especially the background color of the title and the subtitle in the header.
I have changed the hex color code in the body.html file in the “Header settings” section. When i reopen GS7 after closing it, nothing changes. The native color (#51cef7) is still there when i choose Photo Cover as design template for my ad.
Can you help me to resolve this problem ?
Thanks very much.

Hi Jean-Luc,

are you referring to the (by default) blue background color of the title/subtitle of the “Cover Photo” design? If so, there’s no need to change it in the source code. Instead, simply adjust the color in the “Properties” Inspector in the “Colors” section (for “Title” and “Subtitle”).

Changing it in the source code is a bit more complicated and would require some extra steps.

Regards, Kristian

Hello Kristian,
I did not think about it. It’s very good.
Thanks from France.:slight_smile:

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