Modify Design's Default Image Location

I use the Fading Blue design for my listings. It has a default image setting of “1st Image On Top”. Because eBay already has images at top left, I prefer to use the setting “Images Down”. Is there a way for me to set that as the default for new listings when using Fading Blue?

Design Basics

Open the Design popover window to select a design and a layout option. If you prefer to use none of the integrated designs, simply check “Don’t use a design” at the bottom.

Design PopOver

Layout Options

Every design features distinct “layout” options, giving you the ability to arrange the listing images and item description according to your personal preference. GarageSale offers classic image layouts (images on the right, left, top…) as well as advanced layout options, such as image galleries and zoom effects.

For samples please see below:

Thank you for your response, but it does not answer my question. I am aware of how to change the settings with each new listing, but that is tedious and likely to cause me to forget to make the change from time to time.

I’d to permanently change the image setting for a specific design (i.e., Fading Blue) from the first image at top to all images at the bottom (i.e, Images Down).

I set the photo layout 6 years ago and it stays set. Highlight the one you want and all your listings have that layout.

I found the place to edit the default image location. It’s Garage Sale Preferences / eBay / New Listings / Layout.

You can also make a master listing now by clicking the box at the bottom and when you click create new listings it will make a copy of not only the photo but everything you have in the master.

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