Modifying/adding/removing email template placeholders

I have GS version 7.0.9 (811) on a macBook. When contacting the buyers via email I use the templates. I have modified the templates to suit my needs. One problem and one question:

Problem: When I edit any of the email templates using the dropdown Edit Email Templates, I get a dropdown on the lower right of the edit screen that indicates Insert Placeholder. The placeholder [[MyName]] only inserts a blank.

Question: Can I add/remove/modify any of these placeholders. For example I might like to add my eBay ID, or I might like to add my real name. Is any of that possible??

Thanks in advance,

For this feature you have to allow GarageSale access to your Addressbook. You can check it in the System Preferences > Security.
Also, there must be a “me” contact in yor Addressbook with your name, of course.

Sure, feel free to modify the mail templates or create your own!

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for the speedy reply.
As follow up, my second question was specifically about adding or modifying the placeholder drop down pick list, that of which includes MyName. Can I add to this pick list? I do understand I can modify the templates or make my own template then pick from the drop down placeholder pick list.

Hi les,

sorry, the placeholder menu can’t be modified.
However, for your name you don’t need a placeholder because it wouldn’t change, would it?

Regards, Kristian

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