Moved to new Mac - 'Listings already started' warning

Hi all

So I just upgraded to a new MacBook, installed and updated the latest version of GarageSale. I transferred the database over as described in the FAQs. All my listings are now showing which is great. Updated my access tokens whilst I was at it, and updated the listings: Menu: Listings > Update All Listings.

However, when I go to start a listing now I get the following warning:

This is for listings that are not live / have ended. Could someone clarify what’s happening here?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Only “prepared” listings (listing icon has a dashed border) can be started.
You shouldn’t get that message if you try to start a “prepared” listing.
An ended listing can’t be started. You need to duplicate it first and that’s why you get that message.

Regards, Kristian

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