Moving GarageSale to a new Mac

I have just followed the FAQ instructions to move GarageSale 8 from my old iMac to my new Mac Studio. When I open the app on my Mac Studio, my listings are all there but whichever one I select in the sidebar, I get “Generating Preview” in the main window. This is not the case with the copy on my iMac. I have refreshed my eBay Access Token under Preferences on the Mac Studio but the problem persists. I would appreciate your help in resolving this.

I am afraid GarageSale 8 is too old.
You might want to give the latest version GarageSale 9 a try.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I managed to get the listings to present themselves. Then I clicked the Update option to upgrade to GarageSale 9. Now all the listings have disappeared and the main window shows a green circle containing a downward-pointing white arrow above "Downloading Categories (10%). Over the past 15 minutes or so there is no sign of progress, the app seems to be stuck.

What do I need to do to get GarageSale 9 working. I’m happy to pay the upgrade fee but would like to see my old listings safely imported first.

When you started GarageSale 9 did you see the “Welcome” screen allowing you to import a previous database? Please see the screenshot here:

If not, you probably already started GarageSale earlier.

There is a way to let GarageSale 9 re-import a previous database. Please see FAQ #32 for instructions:

In GarageSale 9, please add/refresh your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts.

Thanks, Kristian. I’ve followed your instructions, everything seems to be in order now and I’ve upgraded my license.

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