Moving Groups Issue

The moving Groups now works except when I do something stupid like move it to itself. GS9 hangs at this point and has to be force quit. Whilst it does restart it still has those items noted somewhere but not visible.

I rebuilt the database to clear it,

Thought I had cleared it but this is not the case

In the image below, The item in red was that which I had attempted to move. I created a new copy of it using a different template, deleted it and then emptied the trash. GS thinks it is there though and hangs when I select it.

Any idea how I can overcome this?

I have a fix for the original issue, which will be included.

For correcting the fallout from the original bug, could you send me your GarageSale.leveldb directory as a .zip file somehow, if the size of if the zip file permits a transfer via Dropbox or something similar.

Hi Ilja

I have a bit of work to do on it over the next couple of days so I will send you a copy at the weekend.


My zipped file is 755Mb. Where is your Dropbox folder?

Here is an upload link: Dropbox - Submit files

All done. Hope you find something useful.

BTW. Can I continue to work on the database? It ist still quite functional apart from this issue.

Any luck with this Ilja? One of those items appeared in the Activity Window today and froze GS. I now have about many hundreds of items that were re-listed by eBay because GS could not stop them. Is there anyway to relink them?

I have removed all the items associated with this group but I still cannot remove this lot:

I can search for them and find them but selecting any one of them cause GS to hang.

I have had to turn off restarts again because eBay and GS were getting out of sink again.

Hi Ilja

Would you please make this a priority. GS is almost unusable because of the issue.
Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 3.22.02 pm

It cause GS to hang no matter what other operation is in place. Its ok if I am watching but otherwise is causing me a lot of grief. Every time it hangs it probably means that eBay will be out of sync with GS.


And now GS will not open at all and I am very, very stuck.

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