Moving Items form one group to another

Using 9.2b11 (1500)

When moving items:

The context moves to where the item has been moved to.

Mostly, I prefer the context to remain in the group when I am moving the item from.

Is it possible for a checkbox to be added to the Move dialogue box to cater for both options?


Hi GS Help
Any chance of a response?


I’m sorry I’m not familiar with the term re. Garage Sale, what do you mean by the context?

Our plan is to completely rework the “Move Items to” panel into a full fledged outline view, where you can either select a new target by double-clicking, or where you can drag items from the main window into, while the main window’s outline view retains its current scroll state.

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I believe David wants the outline view to stay at the same scrolling position, no matter where he moves the selected items. Right now, the outline view jumps to the positions, where the items are moved.

I get it, thank you. I concur with David, that option would be helpful.

Thank you. Look forward to seeing it.

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