Moving listings from one eBay account to another

I am using the latest version of GarageSale.
I used to use GarageSale before, but it was so many years ago that I have forgotten almost everything, and this is a big re-learning curve for me!

I have created a few listings, just starting with selling again after stopping for many years. I created all my listings and made them live on my one old eBay account a few weeks ago to see how the market was.

I have now created another two eBay accounts so I can separate the listings by type (personal sales on one account, electronic gadgets on another, and general items on a third) and so I pulled the applicable listings from sale a few days ago with the intention of relisting them on the specific new accounts, but I can’t work out how to change them from one eBay account to another in GS.
How does one specify which eBay account each listing belongs to? and also can I arrange the listings in the sidebar by account?
I am confused…


The best way to figure it out is read the manual.
You learn lots of new features.

I did look for this specific thing in there, but not knowing what it would be called I couldn’t find it…

At first, you need to add all your eBay accounts to the GarageSale preferences > Accounts:

If you start a listing by clicking on the “Start…” button in the toolbar you can select the desired account.

If you want to start an already started listing with another account, it’s recommended to create a duplicate of the listing first.

You can import existing listings from eBay, too:

Some helpful links to get started with GarageSale:
Online Help:
What’s New in GarageSale 8:
Video Tutorials:

Regards, Kristian

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