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Hi folks. I love using Garage Sale. It’s a great tool. I’m now creating a business with a fellow eBayer and we want to move his 2000 listings into my account and move 400 of my listings to his as mine will be vintage goods whilst his account will be new items

Can I do that on here or do I need to use ink frog to do the move

Merry Christmas all

anyone know if I can?

You can export listings selecting them and pressing SHIFT+CMD+E. Then import in second computer pressing SHIFT+CMD+I and selection the .gs file you exported from the first Mac.

so I cant add the ebay account to mine then just drag across to mine and visa versa?

Those listings have been created in GS or in eBay? If in GS, just highlight them and then export. If you created those listings in eBay, first import them in GS, then export. Yes you have to access with your ebay token in GS preferences first.

ebay then imported across with garage for my ebay shop

My new business partner has created his listings on ebay.

So I could add his shop to GS and import them I as a separate shop then move them???

Well, there is still something not clear to me. If you don’t have listings into your GS database, you first have to import them from eBay inc GS. It can be done by your partner and then he moves these listings from his GS database to yours. Steps are:

  1. You partner links his GS account to eBay
  2. He imports those listings (live in eBay) into his GS database
  3. He exports those imported listings from his GS database (selecting listings and pressing CMD+SHIFT+E) and he will obtain a file over his desktop
  4. Then you import that expor file into your GS database. You don’t have to link your GS account to your partner’s eBay shop if listings have been downloaded from him, you only have to access the ebay token of the account you will use for selling and then you will list there those exported listings.

I hope this will help.

Yeah but I was wonder if I could have two ebay accounts on my GS because he doesn’t have a Mac… Sorry if im being confusing… we just want to reorganise both shops to one will be vintage goods and the other shop to be new goods

Yes, of course. You can add several different accounts into GS preferences. Then you can choose in which account listings the products: vintage in account A, new ones in account B.

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