Multilistings in GarageSale?

Is it possible to create one listing with a drop down list of items as per this listing ?

Basically I have a whole load of books to list and a multi listing looks perfect. How do I go about this in GarageSale? I’ve searched in the Help Guide but found nothing and searches for multilisting here come up blank.

The link you posted looks a variation listing to me, where the seller is using just one dimensions, instead of two dimensions (e.g. color and size) seller’s regular use.

In GarageSale’s Inspector window, switch to the Advanced tab and click the magnifying glass next to “Variations”. Make sure you disable the secondary attribute. The primary attribute for the listing you posted would be “FIGHTING FANTASY BOOKS”. Now put a specify a book in every column. You also have to make up SKU for each book.

Please note that this only works in category that support variations.

Thanks for your help! I think that is what I am looking for. However strangely while the category says Yes variations are available to use but when I go to that option in advance inspector it says Variations: Not Supported. Note that I am only using one category ‘Toys & Games - War-games & Roleplaying - Roleplaying - Books & Magazines’.