Multiple accounts on GarageSale: is one account safe when the other one gets restricted?

I wonder if it is safe to manage several eBay accounts, registered on different persons, via GS.

I had experience when my account got restricted because of unusual amount of sales - the process of getting it back took several months. I wonder if the account of my family member is safe in such case, since we will be using the same app on the same computer.

I know eBay forbids creating new account when the main one gets restricted, but what about different owners? Anyone had experience?

The number one thing to remember is to never believe anything they say - they are habitual liars.

A buyer can win a auction and fail to pay for it and after you block them use another account to buy from your account again. eBay will tell you its because each account is suppose to be separate.

On the other hand they can easily suspend all the sellers accounts from your household as they are using the same IP address. They can decide to block all your accounts from using eBay’s help messaging system or phone help system based on the IP. Its your typical eBay policy of treating sellers like criminals and even the worst fraudulent customers as saints.

I actually had a eBay customer service person tell me to use a proxy server for another account so as to hide the IP address. This is exactly what a criminal would do to impersonate an existing eBay account owner on eBay.

They can decide to end any of your family accounts at any time. I remember a large post card seller on eBay who operated multiple accounts as at the time there was a 5,000 item limit to accounts. One day he happened to mention a 3rd party site in eBay forums as a reference source of dating post offices, which would in turn help people sell post cards on eBay. eBay did not like it as they thought it was an attempt to sell off of eBay so eBay started to prevent him from listing items under the guise of so called technical glitches and then saying there were problems with his listings.

Remember that eBay management has in past said exactly how it disdains small time sellers - a fomer CEO regarding them as so just sellers of junk from rummage sellers. eBay previous put in place practices to purge many small time sellers in favor of big box stores. In turn they threw these big box store sellers under the bus for their Chinese vendors. You mean nothing to eBay and they will throw you under the bus without any care in the world.


Thank you for a comprehensive answer. This fits perfectly with my vision of eBay, based on personal experience and what I’ve read.

Well, the new account in my household was suspended and the person banned with no chance for appeal after two months of selling, I suppose, because of using VPN. Not a single reference to the rules.

Had a few sales, a few positive feedbacks and no payouts.

At first they asked for documents, then replied that it would be mutually beneficial if we separate.

We (accounts owners) thought it would be more safe not to use both accounts on the same IP, because eBay can be unpredictable, and because of regular use of public wifi which isn’t safe.

What can I say? eBay is a very, very, very strange company.

Sorry, I don’t have a good answer to this. In GarageSale, each account uses it’s own API calls to communicate, so there are no API calls to contain information from other account authorized in GarageSale.

But if someone at eBay would take a good hard lock at their logs, they’d could easily see that you were making API calls for several accounts from the same IP address, using the same party client at around the same time.

I wonder: If ebay is the companyfied evil in your eyes, why do you sell through ebay? I mean, if I think BMW is the most evil car-manufacturer in the world, I would never buy a BMW. If I do not like McDonalds, I do not eat there. If Twitter for me is unneccessary for the world and mostly harms people and society, I do not have a Twitter account.
So why do you use ebay at all? There are other ways to sell things. Your own Online-Shop, neighborhood sales, other selling platforms…

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It would be more correct to compare not BMW with 400 other brands, but Walmart with a store at gas station. You may get some sales on the other marketplaces, but you’ll need to manage tens of them to get the eBay’s level of sales. You have to have the resources for it.

Launching your site is not difficult. It’s all about the visitors who scroll through the largest market at their leisure. Will they visit your site looking for a Christmas present for themselves? You have to go a long way before that.

When you have another platform to go, you don’t fight absurd tech support or write angry reviews online, you just go somewhere else.

By the way, Customer Support confirmed they blocked the account because of using VPN. And they don’t accept appeals from that person nor do they allow the creation of a new one.

I understand Ebay blocking users using a VPN. I had buyers using a VPN so they could buy my product using stolen credit cards and then reselling on other websites like Amazon and having me ship to their customers address. I was making a ton of sales like $1,000 a day but it was stolen credit cards numbers so I reported it.

A very bad idea as it jeopardizes the lives of people who live in countries with murderous regimes. Possession of common items that use your life could mean a death sentence in other countries where they are banned. The only source for these materials are eBay. The only way they can access to eBay is by using a VPN or similar product which hides their IP from the regime that runs their country.

How did you determine these people were using VPNs? You don’t have access to that on eBay.

Back in the day you could contact other eBay members via email, even buyers on other seller’s items. If they replied you could look at their IP in the raw HTML version of the email. You could then check if the IP in the email was in the same country as their shipping location.

How did you determine they were using stolen credit cards and then report them to eBay. You have no access to that information.

In the one single case of stolen credit card I had, U.S. Postal Inspectors contacted me. Apparently someone had stolen a card and used it to buy items form various eBay sellers and ship them to a temporary address at a hotel or motel. After filling out some paperwork U.S. Postal Inspectors sent the item back to me and I got to keep all the money. That was over 15 years ago.

eBay customer service actually told me to use a VPN to setup another account, but of course they are hibitual liars.

People contacted me and asked why my online store had charged their credit card account on a purchase that they didn’t authorize. The theif would buy my item for $75 and use my pictures to list under their name for $35. The temporary accounts created with the VPN would be shut down in an hour after making several purchases with the stolen credit card numbers

That is very strange because when I make purchases off eBay from a seller it does not include any information about the eBay seller at all in my credit card account, just eBay.

If I made a complaint to my credit card about an unauthorized charge from eBay I never would be given the name of the seller on eBay who got scammed or the name of the person who did the scamming.

Then you were also able to find your items on Amazon - amazing.

Certainly Amazon goes out of its way to do nothing about such items. Look at Zazzle, which sells print on demand products based upon various designers. Chinese based sellers would steal images from Zazzle and use them on print on demand products on Amazon. Amazon would stall taking the products down, even telling some sellers they needed to buy one of these products from China to prove it was their design. If a store was shut down the Chinese based seller would set up another one and do the same thing over and over again. Even though the store was shut down the products they created on Amazon using stolen images might remain in Amazon’s catalog for some time.

The method used is much, much more complex than I have posted above, obviously, or it would be happening more than it is. Since this is about GS I tried to make it a simple posting. It was and still is occurring on etsy, Amazon, and ebay. My store name is included on etsy charges on peoples credit card not just but and my user name. I had a very unique item that was made in the 1950’s, and that company is now out of business and my item was easily traceable. VPN’s help criminals hide their identity. And YES those stolen images are still up on Amazon. The copyright is how I got Amazon to remove the sellers

In my eyes?

Lets give you an example of just how evil they are.

The Universal Post Union (UPU) determines how postal systems from different countries interact with each other. When you ship a package from your country to another country the postal systems of both countries get a portion of the fees.

In 1969 developed countries such as the U.S. decided to lower the amount they charge developing countries to complete the delivery of their packages. This was a subsidy from developed countries intended to help poor people.

China was considered a developing country under this UPU program. That was not a problem in 1969 as China was still under the control of Mao. The only part of China during that time do much exports was British controlled Hong Kong and the 99.999% of that came by ship. In 2010 eBay decided to take advantage of that 1969 agreement by negotiating a deal between eBay, USPS and China Post to allow for the creation of cobranded shipping labels for eBay’s China based sellers.

These Chinese e-packets could weigh up to 4.4 pounds and would be treated as First Class Mail when they reached the U.S. By contrast domestic First Class Mail is limited to 15.999 ounces under commercial rates.

The U.S. public was told that this was needed as the income from these Chinese packages would offset the loss of income due to falling domestic First Class Mail volume. That was a lie! USPS was losing money on every single package. USPS was unable to charge more for these packages on their own as they were bound by the UPU treaty.

USPS had always made money on foreign mail but saw their income dramatically drop in 2010 due to this eBay program. The only reason they made any money at all on foreign mail in 2010 was because eBay’s program only ran for half the year. From 2011 onward USPS lost increasing amounts on foreign mail due to eBay’s program. Soon Amazon copied eBay’s program.

To make up for these loses USPS was forced to repeatedly raise domestic rates, which earned eBay more income from final value fees on domestic shipping. They also cut domestic services, slowed down delivery, closed facilities and shortened hours.

Because the rate paid by these Chinese sellers were so low, and because the Chinese government is known for subsidizing its postal system, U.S. based eBay sellers were unable to compete. Even if a U.S. seller had gotten their inventory for free in many cases the Chinese seller could ship the same item to the U.S. for less cost than shipping the same item within the U.S. This program destroyed the jobs of many U.S. based eBay sellers. This was part of eBay’s transition to Chinese based sellers from the Big Box retailers they had enticed to the site to replace the small time sellers who a former CEO had publicly stated he wanted to get rid of.

This eBay program also destroyed the jobs of people working for domestic manufacturers as it allowed China to dump goods into the U.S. via our own postal system. China is known for dumping goods into other countries even at a loss for years in order to destroy that country’s manufacturing base.

Obama and Biden and U.S. Congress sat by and did nothing while eBay’s pioneering agreement cost USPS billions in loses. It was only stopped when Trump came into office and he listened to concerned citizens like myself who contacted the White House. Trump threatened to withdraw from the UPU if other countries did not stop abusing USPS. When they ignored him, Trump began the 1 year withdrawal process from UPU. Faced with not be able to ship their goods via their postal system into the largest economy these other countries agreed to end the abuse, thus saving USPS further billions in loses on foreign mail.

So we have a company willing to abuse a program intended to help poor people to instead line its own pocket and of the communist Chinese partners. A company willing to destroy the jobs of domestic eBay sellers as well as workers for domestic manufacturers to line it own pocket and its communist Chinese sellers. A company willing to help bankrupt USPS to line its own pocket and its Chinese communist sellers. A company willing to use its influence with dirty politicians to force American citizens to subsidize eBay and its Chinese communist partners. Even if you never used eBay at all you were forced to subsidize eBay and its Chinese communist partners as postal rates increased for you and any company that you bought from that used USPS to ship an item to you, which includes millions of drugs.

Why do you falsely assume I am not selling elsewhere.

The fact that I am selling or not selling elsewhere does not change the fact eBay is evil.

I first started reselling stamps as a kid in the mid 1970s in elementary school.

My point is: Why do you use and support a company with you fees? Just to gain some profit out of those sales? Sorry, but that does not make you any better as a company that influences rules within countries to gain more profit. And if you decide to sell through ebay, they seem to have good sides, too, I guess? So not completely evil?
In my eyes, amazon is an evil company. I would never sell through the amazon marketplace (and support them with my sales). I bought my last item from amazon 12 years ago. No one in my familiy buys through amazon. I could gain much profit from selling through amazon marketplace. We could buy much easier through amazon. But decided not to do so.

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Were members of the American public just as evil as eBay when they subsidized eBay through eBay’s abuse of the 1969 UPU program designed to help poor people? They all paid higher USPS fees in order to cover the loses on foreign mail generated by eBay’s abuse, thus subsidizing eBay and its Chinese communist partners and assisting in destroying domestic jobs.

These people could have stopped using USPS to send mail. These people could have stopped having their prescription drugs shipped to them via First Class Mail as is commonly done. These people could have refused to take any further mail or packages from USPS at all.

eBay is a guest where ever it operates. It has no inherit right to do business anywhere. It is allowed to do business as the local, state and federal government permits. During the administration of Obama eBay’s abuse of the 1969 was ignored by Obama and Congress. Within months of being contacted about the matter by myself and other concerned citizens Trump did something about it.

I will continue using my eBay profits to force eBay into changing by financing politicians who will force them to chance through new regulations, fines and lawsuits. Next on the agenda will be eBay’s illegal usury fees it charges on sales tax collection while making millions in interest off such fees.

As drug cartels are major terrorist organizations anyone who has a drug addition problem is thus financing such organizations and are just as guilty as these organizations, thus they should all receive at least life in prison or the death penalty as in Singapore. In 2018 its estimated some 5.5 percent of the world population from ages 15 to 64 used illegal drugs. That would mean imprisoning or executing at least 419,710,007 people for financing terrorist drug organizations.

Good luck with your mission…

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Good luck with your first class ticket to hell on judgement day.

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