Multiple/alternative Photos library support?

**Short version: **
Can GS7 recognise a non-system Apple Photos library in the Media browser? (Note: GS6 and earlier could recognise whatever active library was in iPhoto) I could not find any reference to this online/FAQs/Manual/etc

Long version:
Hi, I have just upgraded to GS7 after being a long term user of many previous versions.

I was VERY happy with all my old pro templates in v6. The main reason for the upgrade was because, I believed, I could drag n drop from my Photos library in the Media browser. (I had lost this functionality when I upgraded from iPhoto to Photos on Mac)

The Media browser in V6 and earlier would access whatever Library I had active in iPhotos. No problem.

Apple Photos can have many “libraries’, and now can easily switch between them, courtesy of the new OS. Other libraries can be on other drives etc. (I note the System library is the only one that can sync with iCloud)

I now note the only Photos library available in Media browser is the System Library.

Do I assume this because the v7 backend access to the library is at a System level and so does not know what library is preferred/in use in Photos? If this is the case, then do I also assume that another Library cannot be added to the Media browser list (as system folders can)? In which case, my disappointment at the loss of a the previous flexibility will end here, as I gather that cannot change.

(Note: I have a System drive that is a small SSD, while my many photo libraries are on a separate and much larger HD. This includes the huge Photos libraries for Ebay/GS. Currently I to have to export images from the non-System Photos library to a desktop folder to then drop into GS7. This just duplicates the workflow and the files! If I am missing something, please let me know!)

Many thanks in advance.

Hi vince,

you can drop any folder from the Finder to GarageSale’s media browser (where it says “Drag additional folders here”). Maybe this works for you?

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian. However that is still means the images have to be exported from Photos to a desktop folder, hence duplicating the actions and files :frowning: I’m hoping for the same workflow that v6 and earlier allowed. (Such a shame to have less functions with updates)

If you locate your Photos directory in Finder you could drag that folder to GarageSale’s media browser.

Ah, good suggestion, thanks. However, on Mac the Photos Library is contained unit. You can indeed “show contents” to get into a ‘Masters’ folder, but there is a labyrinth of folders created by import dates. None of the organisation/folders/albums created in the Photos app is available. Unless I’m missing some secret, this is not a possible solution.

Photos integration (no better…or worse) than previously with iPhoto is all I’m looking for :frowning:

Actually the GarageSale media browser supports Apple’s “Photos” app but it might be that the old “iPhoto” application is not supported, I am not sure.

Regards, Kristian

Yes GS supports the Photos “system library”. Previous versions supported whatever library was active in iPhoto (as determined by the User). My question is: can GS7 access the active Photos library, or has the code been rewritten as to read the System Library and not the ‘active’ library? (Apple makes switching libraries easy and live in the App, it would be an oversight to have GS7 read only the System library…a big step backwards)

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