Multiple Store?

It’s time to upgrade my store to the next level - Unfortunately, it goes from $15 month to $60 month. I was thinking of just opening a second store on another account. Garage Sale handles multiple accounts nicely, but I was wondering if it can handle multiple stores on the same install.

The main issue would be that a different store would have different store categories. It appears that I can download categories for more than one account/store, but I assume that when I actually post an auction, it will add the store categories for the selected account when it creates the auctions?

Not sure if this makes sense.



Yes, GarageSale can handle multiple stores. In that case, the store categories get grouped by eBay account names in the store category popup.

I don’t think GS will create the store categories on eBay for you. You have to do that first and then update GS. ilja can let me if I am wrong.