My eBay import duplicates photos in each listing

After posting a listing on eBay from one Mac using GS and subsequently importing into a secondary Mac using GS’s import from My eBay function, I discovered that the photos duplicated themselves.

I’ve tried checking and unchecking the ‘Download listing images’ parameter, but either way the pictures duplicate. Also, I’ve also tried checking and unchecked the ‘Remove design from description’ parameter, but either way the pictures also duplicate.

My concern is that doubling the photos slows down the resolution of the page for the person viewing it. Any thoughts how to eliminate this problem? Or does it matter in your opinion. Thanks!

Are the duplicated images shown in Editor mode, too?

Photos are NOT duplicated in editor mode

Kristian : The photos do not show as duplicated in Editor mode (on the side), here’s the code

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#gsDefaultBtmImgArea {text-align: center; padding-top: 20px;} #gsDefaultBtmImgArea img {max-width: 100%; margin-bottom: 15px;} @media only screen and (max-width:414px) { #gsDefaultBtmImgArea img {max-width: 100%;} }

 _gsrx_vers_1469 (GS 9.1 (1469))

If that listing was initially started with GarageSale using a GarageSale listing design, selecting the „Remove design from description“ option should avoid these „duplicate“ images.
If not, you probably need to remove the image tags from the item description’s HTML code manually (see the Editor mode). Another way is to „clean“ the whole item description, e.g. by doing this:

Copy the description text in Preview mode, then switch to Editor mode, delete the entire description there and insert (paste) the text.

More about the options in the Import from eBay panel:

Thank you Kristian! That was a very helpful reply. I should have thought to modify the images in editor mode. This provides me a workaround for now and then I’ll focus on how to stop the images from duplicating upon import so I don’t have to do this in the future. I have not had this problem previously because apparently I was using the correct photo & design import parameters. Thanks again for your always great support!

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