Mystery Duplicate Listings

I am in the middle of uploading around 700 listings, and for some reason eBay is creating duplicates of about 25% of them. I see a message that says eBay users won’t see the duplicate until the original has a bid. Additionally, some eBay glitch won’t let me delete the extras in bulk. I have to go 1 by 1. And, I have to pay for all of the listings…

GS creates duplicates of each item, if marked as previously listed, when verifying before listing then moves the original to Trash. It has happened to me where GS has hung while verifying. This leaves the duplicates in the same group as the originals.

Maybe GS should moved the items fro Trash to another group with the same name but identified as ready to move to Trash. It could then move this group to Trash after verification is complete.


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