Nasty little PayPal trick

It depends on the matter (just consider the money they kept when someone opens a dispute… or worst again as I tried…). Let’s say they have recently went better than before (maybe because they start feeling the coming broken with eBay)…

No, the feedback link just takes you straight to a page to type in the comment. It’s worth 5 minutes to type that “the new refund policy effective May 7, 2019 needs to be revised and that you will be working to move away from PayPal.” Usually, I have had pretty good luck with complaints when I ask a customer service rep the best way to complain. Although, looking at PayPals BBB complaint list it looks like there is no shortage of complaints about PayPal.

Here is a link to the eBay Managed Payments terms & conditions…

I have moved one of my accounts to them. Be prepared to give them your SSN. I haven’t had a whole lot of transactions on that account and haven’t had to do a partial refund nor do I see anyway to issue a partial refund. But they did refund 100% of fees when I had to do a full refund.

Anyway, if PayPal wants to be this greedy it’s going to surely be the end of them. I mean really I’m not going to list an item that costs $1,000 with PayPal as the payment method because if the buyer changes their mind I’m out $30? Really? I’m already looking forward to Apple Pay & Google Pay now given the new news about PayPal.

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