Nasty little PayPal trick

Amendments to the PayPal User Agreement and the CFSGPDS
FYI People

I often have to partially refund postage because the ebay ap is so crap at letting users request for combined postage - especially if the buyer is on a different ebay site to the seller.

To review the updated User Agreement, please Click HERE.

  • We’re removing the flat rate pricing for sending money to friends and family members who have PayPal accounts in a country other than the Australia and introducing a new variable fee of 5% based on the amount you send with a minimum of 0.99 AUD and a maximum of 5.99 AUD per transaction. We’re also removing any variation depending on the recipient’s country.
  • We’re changing how we treat refunds. If you refund (partially or fully) a transaction to a buyer or a donation to a donor, there are no fees to make the refund, but the fees you originally paid as the seller will not be returned to you.

That is the worst thing I could ever imagine from paypal!! The situation is already quite difficult since ebay introduced its fee also over the shipping cost (before in the fee was not calculated over shipping) and partial refund for shipping cost DOES NOT automatically refund you the 10% over the refunded shipping cost except you contact ebay support any time (this policy dishonest at all and I always ask myself how is that possible that none did something against that…). BUT now if also PayPal does not refund you its fees, it’s really starting to be the worst period in ebay/paypal life as far as I am able to remember…

Did I read somewhere that Ebay are ditching PayPal this year sometime?

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Really? And what kind of payment will they choose? Years and years of investment to let buyers use PayPal, and now? Will they send money with traveling pigeon??

No doubt it will be one which benefits Ebay the most.


Yep, same PayPal changes here in the US.

And in the US, we now have eBay’s very own “Managed Payments on eBay”.

And… They do NOT accept PayPal yet!


Oh God, it’s already a pain having to deal with ebay concerning sales… cannot imagine doing it also with payment transactions! I REALLY hope it will be introduced very very late in Italy…

When does this go into effect? I don’t think I’ve received an amendment notice from PayPal and all of my recent refunds refunded the fees to me. A policy like this could potentially put any small seller out of business just from buyers that change their minds after ordering.

Got this today…. goes into effect May 7th for the top part, March 29th for the bottom part…

They are going to have their own payment system, which I heard that they are rolling out by “invitation” - has anybody here gotten invited or opted in?

I received the email from PayPal today.

“These changes will go into effect on May 7, 2019. If you agree to these changes, you don’t have to do anything. If you don’t agree with these changes, you may close your account. If you close your account before May 7, 2019, the changes will not apply to you.”


That makes me think they know their ship is about to start sinking.

Ilja and kristian can the next GS version have support for craigslist?

I have been suggesting the need of integration from years, since I started to feel that things in ebay were going worse, but I suppose that’s such an enormous work (in terms of time and money) that won’t be here soon, also because they gave priority to synch which is still under works… an insight from the team would be great concerning this serious matter!

Had a chat to Ebay today and the answers were pretty non-committal BUT this is the gist of it.

Anthony: 15:52 PM
Okay. Base on the information we have here, that update is firstly applied to eBay US. Our management is considering these action because of the reports and complaints from our members that PayPal will be charging too much fees for every transaction even if a transaction is cancelled or buyers were refunded by the seller due to the system failed to combine postage automatically. That’s why eBay is considering to have other payment methods and would no longer require to have PayPal as the primary mode of payment for the convenience of our members. PM

Back to Q2. Is Ebay EVER going to sort out the Combined postage issue for buyers. It has been going on for over one year now.

Anthony:15:57 PM

To answer the second question, we haven’t heard update from our technical team regarding that for now since there will be a lot changes or updates in the site this coming months but rest assured that you will be notified when it’s totally fixed

Incredible, it’s like: we have one problem, don’t worry, we don’t fix this problem! We just find a way to circumnavigate it…

So years I am waiting, my hair already changed color to white.

Anyway, apart the usual say-non-say reply from ebay support, there is a serious matter: AND if I (from sell in ?? I don’t have the ebay new payment method because I am not in the US, but customers from the US will use PayPal, and so I will be under PayPal new fee policy. Quite complicated :thinking:

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Yes I think it is very complicated. From my personal point of view, if Ebay fixed the “combined postage” issue, then I would rarely be using the refund process in PayPal.

I have a long-standing query with Ebay Customer support. I am just trying to locate ii again so I can poke all the PayPal issues at them.


Yes and instead they work on stuff that doesn’t even need to be fixed like the Print Shipping Label page. How much money do you think they wasted on redesigning that page?

I just got off the phone with PayPal. The rep wasn’t even aware of that change to the agreement. She said the best way to complain is to click the Feedback button on the bottom of the PayPal page.

And that will probably catapult you into an infinite loop of pages over pages that will give you replies that concerns nothing, and when you finally find a probable button for direct contact, it will bring you in an nonexistent page… habit…

Apart the usual desolation, in all this PayPal matter, is there anyone here who uses the ebay payment machine and can explain me which kind of concrete advantages (= not what ebay says) will bring to us all compared to PayPal until yesterday (= until they refunded you fees when partial refunds are sent)?

Thank you for any clarification

I think that will be a pointless exercise.

I know we are all knocking PayPal, and rightly so, but PayPal have always been pretty good in resolving issues that I have had.