Need to export group of folders and subfolders between Macs

I don’t need to export listings, I need to export a complicated group of folders and subfolders. GS only exports listings without dividing them into folders, like they are before exporting. Now I need to recreate the main folder list into a second Mac (about 300 folders, I would loose much time to recreate them manually one by one). I cannot move the entire com.iwascoding folder because I would loose data in the second Mac, I only need to export those folders. Is there any trick to do this?
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I lithely just started trying sync the first time yesterday for this exact reason. The folder/group structure does get replicated, as far as I can tell so far.

My only concern right now is the inevitable delays and how long it might take to see new changes move correctly, which I am still uncertain about.

Hi @Vaguery ,
in the past I realized I cannot afford on synching with so many listings in my database, so I gave up. This is not a problem for me, since I leave a Mac always on which works 24/7 and GS on the other machines is only used to create drafts which will be later imported in the main Mac. Now I need to move the folders scheme, which is very complicated, I realized they are not 300 but many more, so I have not enough time to recreate them one by one. I really hope there is a solution to export and then reimport empty folders. I hope GS team might gives us a solution.

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I am already realizing the same (that I cannot afford to sync), on the second day.

I do know there is no scripting that I am aware of in GS to read or create folders. But there is apparently some information about “hierarchy” in the sync data, since I already have my first mysterious conflict here.

Hi Federico. This is not to do with your post but our previous discussion on ‘Out of Stock’ issues.

You may already know this but the attachment shows how to find your ‘out of stock sold items’ in Ebay. Only works for BIN and not auction types.


Hi David,
yes that what I was doing until I set up a specific smart folder in GS. Now I check it very often during the day and close showed listings. This way I can avoid to work on ebay site.
Now I am only using the auto-cancel feature and gave up with auto-restart since I had to manually move thousands ghost listings. I really think you should consider to leave a Mac always on only for GS. I purchased a Mac mini M1 which is quite cheap, I leave it always on and I work remotely from my other machines with teamviewer. You can also work on GS from the smartphone this way!

Anywa, sorry for the digression. Any help from GS team about this folder matter?? I am really scared by the idea of recreating the entire folder scheme manually!!!

No, Federico. Nothing from the GS Team at the point.

That’s a pity, I had to find a different solution. I realized I could move the entire com.iwascoding folder, exporting listings from the second Mac, changing the folder in library, then launching the app, deleting the imported listings and reimporting the others I exported before erasing the database. This way, I moved the folders scheme and I only spent 1 hour waiting GS deleting 50.000 listings from the bin, long spinning balls but it worked.

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