Needing some more clarification on auto relist / automatic restart

My listings end in 6hrs - hoping to get a reply before then so I can revise them if needed to avoid unnecessary fees!

Sorry, I didn’t do that. Please don’t put this out of context. I was referring to GarageSale’s “Automatic Restart” feature and to eBay’s option “Automatically relist this item for 9 times”.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Mila,

I can understand that this is confusing.
I tried to answer your question the best I could.
Please see my comments inline below:

1. Both GarageSale’s “Automatic Restart” option and eBay’s “Automatically relist this item for 9 times” option can relist your ended listing. What you can’t do is to enable eBay’s “Automatically relist this item for 9 times” option by activating GarageSale’s “Automatic Restart” option and revising the listing. In other words you can’t enable eBay’s option from within GarageSale. As far as I understood that was one of your questions.

2. Unfortunately, I can’t answer the question whether this does or does not counts towards monthly quota of free eBay listing. I simply don’t know. Maybe they eBay supports knows how this is handled with manually relisted listings.

4. Yes, you’re understanding this correctly.

5. GarageSale’s “Relist” function will be recognised by eBay as a “real” relist, of course.
As I already mentioned above activating GarageSale’s “Automatic Restart” option won’t enable eBay’s “Automatically relist this item for 9 times”.

6. I am not sure if you’re correct here, maybe you are. That symbol you’re referring to indicates that the auto restart failed! (The Icon Legend in GarageSale’s Help menu explains the icons.) However, maybe it fails because the listing has already been relisted by eBay and that’s why the relist through GarageSale failed. However, I guess it’s still more safe to only use one of the auto restart options.

Before changing hundreds of listings in the last second (you can’t revise listings that end in under 12 hour, can you?) you might want to try the different options with a handful of listing first to see what works best for you.

Hope this helps,

Despite (or more likely because of) the many words written in this thread, there seems to be much confusion. Here are the facts (I say “facts” because I have experimented with this, I have spoke to iwascoding and ebay on this when I first encountered unexpected charges my account, and I have solid real-world examples from which to quote. No disrespect to Mila who is struggling to get a simple and solid answer, or to Kristian who has said the is not sure of ebay policy on manual relistings).


• GS “restart” function does NOT activate ebay “Automatically relist” function;

• Any items “restarted” by GS are identified as a NEW listing by ebay;

• Every new listing counts towards a monthly quota of free listings (if you region offers this and if you qualify), including GS “restarts” AND manual resists via ebay…yes;

• Per ebay policy, only items “automatically relisted” are outside the quota (Yes, if you ‘manually’ relist via ebay it also counts towards your quota);

• You CAN “Revise your item” via ebay to click the checkbox for “Automatically relist” after it has been published by GS (yes, it is very inconvenient, and if you have many listings you will tire of it quickly);

• Items relisted via ebay (whether manual or Automatically) are NOT monitored or editable by GS

• items that GS restarts…have all the advantages of being in the GS ‘system’ (editing/monitoring/stock control/reporting etc)

So indeed, a different pair of shoes is a very fair analogy. 2 things that unfortunately sound too similar given they are quite different.

Mila, I hope this clarifies the issue for you.

I appreciate that Mila must not be an ebay Store as she has a monthly quota of free listings (and I assume of at least 40 items per month, here in Australia. That’s a MINIMUM of $66 per month of free listings). Like me, that is significant enough to want to resolve the Restart/Relist confusion.

Conversely, I acknowledge the benefit of the GS Restart function, especially if you do not have an free monthly quota. For example, if you have an ebay Store and all your listings are at a cost, then there is no financial disadvantage to the GS Restart, only the benefits of keeping your listings in the GS "world”m however deep you use the software.

Kristian, per my last message, I do think that an unambiguous explanation, and clear position by GS is needed on this issue. Which is why I itemised the points above. Anyone else with this enquiry (the same as I had a year ago) should be able to find the FACTS quickly. Especially as the length you have had to go to on this is thread is alone time away from ‘new’ issues and other help you can provide the GS users.

GS is used by all sorts of ebayers, from one-per-month listers to the biggest Stores. As many people wear “sneakers/trainers”, some are going for a walk, others to the Olympics, so you really do have to know which “pair of shoes” you want, and for what purpose. If iwascoding can clearly advise, then everyone will quickly know which shoes to reach for.

Thanks both Kristian and @vince4GS.

Vince thank you so much for your ‘facts’. These are both eye opening and frankly, disappointing if they are indeed accurate.

I’m surprised that no one from iwascoding has responded yet?

@Kristian / @ilja - why are GarageSale and eBay relist function different from each other? Why is GarageSale set up so that relists are seen by eBay as NEW listings?

As a Private Seller I have a monthly quota of 200 free (no insertion fee) Auction or Fixed price listings, which I use up easily. (Private seller accounts usually start with 40 free listings but eBay raised mine twice in the past month - from 100 to 160, then to 200. I just got a message from them that I was doing well and they “noticed”). There is a VERY big cost implication if GarageSale relists are being charged as NEW listings.

I intend to open an eBay store in the near future and to keep selling under my private seller account as well.

However, even for an eBay store, listings are NOT unlimited. In Australia, a basic store allows for 600 free FIXED PRICE listings (no insertion fee) per month. Auction listings are NOT free - they are $3.00 per listing in Australia.

eBay USA free listing quotas are even less - Starter store gets you only 100 free listings per month:

There are significant negative implications to everyone if GarageSale relists are seen by eBay as NEW listings.

Here are the simple ‘FACTS’ I understand from Vince + Kristian’s messages above:

For those who do NOT have an eBay store:

  • DO NOT use GarageSale relist function because it is NOT free (GS relists are seen as NEW listings by eBay so you will quickly use up your free monthly insertion quota)

  • In order to relist for free, you must edit EACH listing individually ON EBAY WEBSITE by ticking “Automatically relist”. (Yes, it will take a VERY long time if you have more than 10 listings, as I found out recently - painfully tediuous!)

  • If you tick “Automatically relist” within eBay, GarageSale will NOT automatically relist your item and it will NO LONGER BE AN ACTIVE LISTING IN GARAGESALE, thus making GS COMPLETELY UNUSABLE for that item once relisted

  • GarageSale Reports are ONLY usable if your item sells/doesn’t sell the FIRST time you list it in GS, OR if you choose to pay/use up your monthly quota to relist your item within GarageSale (eBay relists don’t get tracked by GarageSale)

For those who DO have an eBay Store:

  • ONLY use GarageSale relist function for your free fixed listings quota (each GS relist is considered a NEW listing by eBay)

  • DON’T use GarageSale relist for auction style listings as each one will cost you an additional $3.00 (in Australia) (since GS relists are considered new listings)

  • DON’T make any edits within eBay or you will have no GarageSale reports that are of use to track your sales

Please confirm these statements are correct?

If yes, my next questions to iwascoding are is it possible for you to make changes to GarageSale so that:

  1. GarageSale relists are NOT seen as NEW listings by eBay, but in fact “Relists”?
  2. Any edits made within eBay are reflected in GarageSale? (In the same way messages sent from within eBay appear in GarageSale)

Seeing as GarageSale allows for automatic relisting to be set as soon as listing ends - why are these relists being considered NEW listings by eBay? I love GarageSale and it just keeps improving over the years but I’m not sure how one can have a viable business using GarageSale if the above statements are true?

Hoping someone from iwascoding will clarify this for all.

Many thanks!

Good on you Mila for providing even more facts on ebay policy. It helps users see when to chose GS or Ebay functions.

I’ll admit I was very careful to try and be neutral when looking for benefits of the GS Restart function…but as you have displayed, the financial penalty seems overwhelming for all users.

In my limited experience, I can appreciate how the GS Restart and Ebay Relist functions are very separate, and that it is probably impossible for them to “merge” as suggested by Mila.

My question to GS is: can you please add the function of the Ebay Relist to be activated in a GS listing please?

Obviously there are many more complex ebay listing functions that are currently activated by a GS listing (ebay scheduler; post rates; etc), and so a simple checkbox is easy. I am not suggesting that the GS Restart function change or be deleted, the 2 functions are different, and are already names differently (although perhaps confusingly similar).

I’ts this simple: there is a financial benefit to users to have the Ebay Relist (and it has to be AUTOMATIC RELIST, as discussed, Manual Resists even in ebay are “new” listings); and it takes many clicks to manually Revise items individually in ebay after posting a GS listing.

While maybe in the future it might be possible to have 2 way editing of GS and ebay “re”listings, I appreciate that is impossible for now, and respectfully suggest that activation of the Ebay Auto-Relist function be accessible in GS ….and thank you in advance.

I agree, it would be pretty nice to have eBay’s native relist feature as an available option in GS.

I’ve used the automatic restart feature in GS in the past, but I don’t anymore as I had undesired results. I didn’t so much mind that it was a brand new/manual relisting of the item, but I did mind that it would relist sold items! This happened regardless of whether I set the quantity to “1.” It may work fine now, but I haven’t tried since I gave up on it years ago.


GarageSale uses the official relist and revise API that eBay offers for third party clients. There simply does not exist any “native” other way to relist or revise listings on eBay.

In general the fees that apply should be the same as if the listing is listed or revised on eBay. But there may be special discounts (besides the free listings that come with Store subscriptions) that may not be applied to listings listed with GarageSale.

If you relist or revise a listing with GarageSale (without adding paid enhancements) then eBay should not charge you any fees for that. But this is just the general case.

If eBay actually charge you for a relist or revise done with GarageSale, then you have to contact eBay and ask them why they did that. There are so many cases on different sites with different Store subscriptions and listings with different paid enhancements that you can not say either “allways free” or “never free”. So please contact eBay in your special cases.


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