New 24 Picture Limit

eBay recently upgraded the picture limit from 12 to 24 pictures. GarageSale still returns an error when more than 12 pictures are added to a listing. Is there a way to bypass the “Too many images” error or will we need to wait for a GarageSale update to take advantage of the new picture limit?


Wow! I looked it up. You can add up to 24 pictures! GS needs to change this ASAP. I run up against the 12 limit all the time and this would be a great improvement.


Looks like the change just went live yesterday (mid November I was reading on their message boards).

I would give iwascoding some time to make the changes, I bet 3rd party software like GS still hasn’t been given the green light? I know the good folks at iwascoding will make the change as soon as they can.

I do like the free picture hosting by GS and use that since I’m paying a monthly service fee as it is, might as well.

I need this too, get going guys

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Since it seems everybody’s life seems to depend on having 24 EPS images right now, here is a version that supports that hot off our press:


@Ilja you guys are awesome, thank you!


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