New Beta Version did not help connection problem!

This update (6.9.4b1) did not fix my connection issue. When trying to upload an auction, I get the error: “A network error occurred while trying to connect to the eBay server. Please check your internet connection and try again.”

When I go to Preferences - the option to “Authorize” the refresh of my eBay token is grayed out and unavailable. When I was trying to manually troubleshoot beforehand, I revoked the Garagesale token in eBay, so no matter what I need a new one.


yip, same here…but i do appreciate Garagesale’s quick actions to try and correct this (I love my Garagesale!!)

Hopefully we can have this issue fixed soon!

try 6.9.2 or 6.9.3 version, it now works for me, and seems related to Access Token under Garagesale Preferences and getting the Certificate approval when visiting

Here is another attempt to fix the problem: