New bug when bulk editing

today I had the need to bulk edit a large number of listings. They were divided into 2 groups. The first group was composed of listings all listed in, some listings had the “best offer” option on and other off. I highlighted them and could change to “best offer active” without problem. In the second group there were listings listed in 2 different sites, and Also in this group there are some listings with “best offer” option activated and other off. However when I highlighted all listings I was not able to change “best offer” option because it was greyed (clicking on it did nothing). This is because of listings are not listed in the same site. If I choose all .it I can change best offer, the same with only .com highlighted, but only choosing one from .it and one from .com do not work. Please could you fix as soon as possible? This is very problematic since all my listings are confused, .it with .com …

Thank you

I confirm.
The problem of bulk editing is on many things.
Changing shipments, variations and much more, even with copying and pasting components, does not work. If you paste the components, it looks like it works, but if you select the single listing you notice that the changes have not been made.

I think it is a database problem that does not update well.

I hope that these problems will be resolved.

Mmmh @icspanta are you sure to select listing not only in the left side bar but also in the main panel? I mean, if you only select listings in the left side bar, you will actually change only 1 listing features and not a real bulk edit. To bulk edit you have to select listings again in the main screen and then do changes… it will work, but sometimes gives troubles…

Yes I’m sure.
This is a solution I gave in an old post :wink:
But unfortunately it does not work for everything :frowning:

Can you make a short video or give detailed instructions so we can try to reproduce the bug here?

This doesn’t work, because the .com and the .it site use different currencies.

For shipping options.
Using copy and paste components for 100 listing examples.
If the use in the central column does not work well, only about thirty listings are applied.
It works fine if you paste by selecting them from the left column.
But it does not work if you paste into the category, you have to select listings directly.

So there is nothing to do???

Well, we could spend weeks to make all the panels and currencies fields in GarageSale multi-currency aware. But since only the best offer panel would benefit (all of the other panels, e.g. attributes & shipping, are governed site by specific rules), it doesn’t sound cost-effective.

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