New bug when switching images in preview mode

previously in preview mode if you drag and drop a photo over another one, GS switched images order. Now, GS asks you if you want to add a new image or sostitute it… !!
Please I need a fix, it was very important for me.


Are you using 8.1b20? My copy switches right to the dropped picture. It used to make me click the replace box that asked me if I wanted to drop the pictures. I kind of like NOT having the extra step. image

Yes, that is the issue. If you drag and drop left photo over the right one, it should switches them, not asking if you want to replace. This warning did appear when you bring a photo into GS from outside, not switching photos into GS. This bug appeared with beta 20, wasn’t there before. 100% sure

I think this is where the issue came from. I didn’t and don’t understand what they were fixing here. Could this be it?

With the next beta version of GarageSale 8.1. image re-ordering should work fine even in Preview mode.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you, great to hear!!

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