New bug while drag and drop from a smart folder into a normal folder

I am using a smart folder: “status is ended with success”. It contains all sold listings. Every day I select all listing inside this smart folder and drag and drop into a normal folder called “sold”. Actually, after doing this the folder shows X listings exactly as the smart folders do. BUT… actually the real sold listings are inside that AND BOTH in other folders… it is something crazy, but it’s like the drag and drop from a smart folder into a normal folder works (the numbers change) and both doesn’t work because the listings are not really moved.
Please check, this is so frustrating… if you don’t understand my bad description please tell me so I will try another way to explain, this is very annoying…


I believe smart folders do not contain an actual file, but a pointer to the real file. The smart folder will always show this pointer by what it is told to by it’s rules.


That is right. A smart folder is just a collection of items that meet the rules set up for that group of files. As long as a file adheres to the rules, it will appear in that “folder”. It is not really a folder, it is just a group of files that meet a search criteria.

Drag and Drop from Smart Folder shouldn’t work at all. If there’s something happening, then that’s most likely due to a bug. We’ll investigate.

In the context menu for smart group listings there’s a command “Reveal Original”, that should select the original listing, in case you want to move it somewhere else.

I just tried and I couldn’t start a drag from a smart folder.

If you can, please post a small video how you accomplish this. Maybe special conditions need to be met to trigger this bug.

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