New duration changes for buy it now listings

this is just to let you know that soon there will be a change in the buy it now listings durations. Only GTC will be available in, it seems they will delete other duration options. Another way to steal money! Clearly they didn’t have nothing better to think about at eBay… GTC means that if you forget to close active listings and insert new ones, every 30 days you pay for those which exceed the monthly amount! Not a problem for me, but for those who don’t have a free plan of listings. And it also needs to be updated into GS. If you want to give a look:

P.S. I changed the title since changes seem to be also over other ebay sites

In US as well. I guess this will end the need for the Auto Restart/Relist functionality in GS. What I would like is a way to add Time Remaining of the listing to a smart group filter, or some other way that I can easily identify when listings are reaching their 30 days renewal, I think GTC are on a 30 day renewal cycle. Then I could manually (or maybe through script) end the listings a little early and restart them later. I need to think about how to change my workflow.

I hadn’t heard about this - are all BUY IT NOWS going to be GOOD TILL CANCELED?


Starting in mid-March 2019, the listing duration for all new fixed price listings on eBay will be Good 'Til Cancelled.

Here is the US ebay link about it

Yes! I agree. This would be very helpful!!


Does anyone know how this will affect our monthly allotments of FIXED PRICE LISTINGS? Sounds like they are trying to get people to list things that get relisted endlessly. Maybe one solution would be to add a command in GarageSale to end a listing in a set number of days? I sell unique things, and mostly list for seven days, then it ends and I relist or lower the price and relist.

GarageSale has such a “Time Remaining” ticker On the top left of “Status.” It’s even called exactly that.


Yes, and you can see it in a column view, but there is no way to automate it. You would just have to remember to check each day.

Ah. I see.

I use alarms for everything, due to a medical condition that has made my memory In bad shape, so I always assume everyone uses them.

I can see the value of that.

In fact, a thing that would let you choose when you put the listing up whether you want to stop it after 30 days or not would be even better.

In my option there is just a reason under this choice: bring people to spend more time over eBay. Let’s consider all those private users who just created listing and forgot them active until they ended and relisted when they remembered. Now you need to be very careful, because if you list a good, that good will be over ebay forever and if you do not pay attention, that good every 30 days renews and if total number of listings is over your monthly amount, you will pay the difference. On the other end, GTC does not loss watchers and might scale the search engine, but that’s not good if it happens with all listings, but that’a another matter.
I don’t know about, at least here, the situation I explained will affect of course your monthly allotments. When you reach it, or manually end some of them, or you just pay for anything you add…

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