New eBay International Shipping program vs Global Shipping Program


Are there any new eBay APIs that need to be implemented in GarageSale to utilize the new eBay International Shipping program, rather than the existing/old eBay “Global Shipping Program”???

It seems that my listings are no longer being shown to international buyers.


I will mention that I’ve been on the new eBay International Shipping program for about a month and have made several sales through it. The only change I made was to remove International Shipping from my shipping business policy.

I signed up for the new eBay International Shipping program feb1 and have had only 1 sale. This is normal right now because the dollar is killing most all other currencies and that affects my international sales. In the last 6 months this has been the normal sales for me.
To best utilize the new Ebay international shipping you need to be “invited” by ebay and later it will be available to everyone. I found the link and asked to be included. I had a Zoom meeting with the “Sr. Manager – International Transportation”. He told me that after being signed up by them that all my international shipping would be moved from Global shipping to Ebay international shipping. It is an internal preference implemented by them if I understand it right. I am pasting 2 links below that may be helpful:
#1. You can find more information about the program here.

#2. Please contact us with any questions at or schedule an appointment to meet with one of our experts at your convenience. Please reply back and provide your eBay user ID to confirm you are still interested in participating in the program.

How do you know when you are included in the eBay International Shipping program???

I have the “Global Shipping Program” turned on in the GarageSale Shipping panel.

This has been working for years.

But… Recently none of my listings are available to International buyers…


I was using business polices and didn’t have the checkbox you indicate above for global shipping program in GS. On the “shipping preferences” page I signed up for Global Shipping and it overrode what GS had entered. It still says global shipping on ebay preferences and I am signed up for the new program

you can check if you’re enrolled here Sign in or Register | eBay

It’s nice when 3rd party client developers hear about new eBay features from their users first. :man_shrugging:

Pinging me eBay contacts if there’s an API for this.

OH!!! So… I guess they enrolled me!!

But… All International shipping locations have been excluded.


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They are phasing out global shipping and replacing it with ebay international

So… I UN-Excluded all International shipping locations in the eBay Shipping Preferences and now it SEEMS to be working again… At least my listings show that they will ship to foreign countries again.

Thanx a bunch Dave (schwane)!!


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you’re welcome and if you haven’t seen it, there’s an excellent thread going on here

It looks like profiles are now currently updating when I invoke the “update profiles” in the new side bar. I made change on ebay and it took a couple minutes to update on GS

Word from the eBay dev support is, that currently there is no API support for this feature. If I got him correctly, there’s isn’t even an API to check if your account is enrolled into the new International Shipping program. Sorry.

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It seems to have been a rocky rollout, the way the ebay message boards tell the story. I was supposed to be enrolled 1/30 and I contacted them yesterday and found I wasn’t… and they will get on it immediately… or it might be in March with the next “batch”. I sounds like to my reading that it is Global shipping with some new bells and whistles and once the bugs get worked out Global shipping will be phased out

Hi Ilja,

OK, no problem.

It SEEMS to be working fine… (BIG Thanks to Dave schwane!)

Although, I don’t think I’ve gotten an order yet. :frowning:


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