New feature request for GS7

Because eBay gives store owners free Auction listings a month but only on selected categories otherwise a Fee is a charge. Can you add the eBay category column to the List view.

I mean the entire category breadcrump or just the main category so we don’t end up listing Books as auction style.

Per ebay books are not good sellers as Auctions :slight_smile: I’m guessing.

Thank you.

Free auction? Base or premium shop? What do you mean with “selected categories”?

Basic stores get 250 fixed price and 250 auction style free, but te auctions have to be in the collectible or fashion categories.

It’s ok, but it is a basic shop. Does premium eBay shop have such offers in your country?

It will make it easy for anyone to identify the selected categories in the USA. I have a basic store, too.

Basic, Premium and Anchor Shops have the same “Selected Category” Issue.

If you make the mistake of listing a book as auction, you pay a listing fee, unless the item sells.

I usually change the book category to Collectibles->Others (etc) to be able to list them for free (first I duplicate the listing).

Knowing ahead of time which items will incur a charge is important this days.

Thank you.

Thanks, I created a ticket for this feature. But it will most certainly not be included in the initial 7.0 release.