New Feature Request - Inventory Management and PO's


I have been a user of garage sale right from the beginning! I use it to run my business where I import goods and sell onwards. therefore I re-order the same items from suppliers all over the globe.

I think a really good useful feature would be that you could not only manage inventory items, but allow low stock alerts, these would alert you at a certain level of stock to re-order that product, or run a report that would tell you what stock is approaching your personalised low stock levels.

I Also think a really good feature would be a section where you could manage/create purchase orders, change these to goods-in. this could include areas to keep supplier details and contact details, normal purchase prices etc.

There a few more areas of which this could be improved, way to many to list. Just thought id throw this out there. I look forward to any responses anybody has or feedback.

many thanks

I think there are many reporting features that would be helpful to add, and hopefully they will add your suggestions! In the mean time for re-stocking needs, maybe you can create a Smart Group in your GS inventory with one of the parameters being set to “Quantity” “is less than or equal to” “___”. Then you can check that folder regularly to see what is getting low.

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