New feature request...Smart Group for shipping "weight"

I have a need to use “weight” in a smart group search to check if I have shipping set right. USPS first class, priority ect which are dependent on the weight of the item.

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Same, but it is tricky. There may be a way to do this with a script, but the problem fundamentally is that it takes several steps to get to the weight from an item/listing:

  1. the listing
  2. the “shipping option” object associated with it (there will be one per listing)
  3. inside that, there is a “major weight” (like pounds or kilos) and “minor weight” (like ounces or grams)

And looking at the javascript reference, there is no access to these items there. In AppleScript, they could be read. So one way forward might be to create an AppleScript that looks at every listing (selected), and tags it with a given color if it matches your criteria of interest (like it falls between a min and max weight).

Then the color-tagged listings can be inspected and adjusted in a Smart Group that filters for the color. (This is how I re-list a random proportion of my listings; I first color-tag a random subset of them, and then stop and start all of those)

Personally I haven’t written one, because it was still a bit beyond me, and instead I just went for fixed price shipping that I adjust to be larger than the heaviest book I need to ship. But lately magazines cannot be sent Media Rate, and I’m also feeling the need to assign weights for Calculated shipping.

Adding weight to smart groups to GarageSale is kind of tricky, because the value is split into two fields, with rules different comparison rules depending on the actual eBay site. (kgs/lbs and grams/ounces).

Maybe setting up a custom validation JavaScript is easier, that is run automatically when the Launch control window opens is easier. :thinking:

What’s does the check you want to implement look like? If the the shipping service is “USPS”, than make sure the weight is not zero?

1-16 ounce is first class USPS. 1 pound - 4 pounds Priority shipping. 4 pounds 1 ounce and up is Calculated Priority USPS. I also move them around between free and calculated occasionally. I would like to check if I have the weight and shipping service right without picking through 1,500 listings one by one. I currently have all 7 of my shipping profile categories in smart groups but I have no way of checking the weight in those smart groups


After giving it some thought, I believe a better solution would be to create a custom ‘Validation’ script, that is run for each listing when you open the “Launch Control” window. The next version of GarageSale will implement the necessary JavaScript commands to access weight and shipping services of your listing.

In the screenshot I tried to implement some of the rules from your last post. Hopefully, that will improve your workflow, because the check will be done automatically every time you try to start a listing.

Would this work for you?

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That should be helpful. Some times I have the weight over 1 pound but I have chosen a first class accidently and the listing is running with the wrong shipping chosen. I will have to learn where to utilize the “script” options. I do have a script I use to increase or decrease prices but it is a stretch for me to implement the script every time I use it.

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