New GarageBuy for iOS

Dear GarageBuy Users,

in the last couple of months we have been busy working on a completely redesigned version of GarageBuy for iOS. The syncing is still compatible with the older versions of GarageBuy (for macOS).

Currently we would like to release a beta version to the public. This is done by Apple’s TestFlight system and you will need to install the TestFlight app on your device. If you want to try the new GarageBuy Beta 4.0, please send me your name and your email-address. You will receive an invitation (with an explanation on how to install TestFlight and GarageBuy) once we have added you to the list of testers.

GarageBuy will run on any device that runs iOS 9.0 or later.

Paul on behalf of the iwascoding team

This sounds interesting, I have never tried it… is there a new version also for macOS or did you redesigned only the one for iOS?

@paul is it also a sniper :hushed: ??

The iOS need a rework for various reason. The Mac version stays as it is.

Nope. We are using an official eBay API. Sniping is not allowed when going through official channels.

Mmmh I see, I am looking for a good sniper… better again if from telephone.
Anyway, in my opinion it would be better to allow searches in different ebay sites. Otherwise I need to change every time and many of my searches are not in ebay Italy. Besides, is it possible to follow sellers’ new listings? A “feedback missing” page would be also very useful…
If you will add these feature, that would be a very nice solution to ebay app which is incredible pathetic and goes worst after every update…

@paul I’m interested, where should I send my info?

@ilja the Mac version would surely appreciate some love. It keeps crashing constantly and acting weird with refresh & sorting


just sent you an invitation with the info from your account here.


Got it! Running the app right now.
Will update you about bugs/suggestions. Or is there another way doing this?
Ihr spricht auch alle Deutsch oder? :slight_smile:
Bin auch ein Nutzer von Garagesale.
Beste Grüße aus Prag, Kim

  1. A few things to report:

UI feedback:
1. Intuitively the setting do not appear when swiped from left (still need to tap on Setting icon which is at the worst place - left up corner):

2. the Star placed in the picture is disturbing, can it not be removed from the picture and put on the top right corner? OR what about removing it completely - when I’m browsing Favorites it already says at top of the screen “Favorites”

3. I cannot remove a favorit (in the favourite list) without tapping on the item and then tapping on the star. IOS has some great swiping option, how about implementing them? - check the IOS Mail swiping option. This way I can save wasted taps.

4. The pictures in Favorites are very low quality - in search results the seem to be sharper

1. Text mixes withe New Item counter

2. Text mixes with “reserve price not met”

3. Viewed items are not synced with Garagebuy Mac version

Hi Kim,

Thank you for your feedback!

Do you think it’s that important to open the preferences via a swipe gesture? You don’t need to access the preferences often so I think it currently works fine. However, maybe it’s a “nice to have” feature for the future…

We don’t want to put it on the top right corner. However, if more people don’t like the star icon in Favorite mode we might remove it from there completely as you suggested.

We are aware of this and already added this to our to do list!

I just checked it here but the images looks fine for me. Does it happen with all favorites or only specific ones? You’re using an iPhone, right?

Thank you again for your feedback,
Regards, Kristian

Thank you. I’ll add this issue to your to do list.

Could you please check if you’re using the latest version of GarageBuy 4.0 (v91). I am asking because we thought the issue you’re describing has already been fixed.
Maybe there’s an update available in your Testflight app?

Thank you, we’ll check that. Does the syncing of the searches and favorites work fine for you?

Thanks again for your help, Kristian

Updated for Version: 4.0.1 (93)

My thoughts:
That is what sets apart good apps from the very good, the details.
Yes, it works on the top left corner and yes it will not be used often, but when it’s used its a easy swipe from the left. You can ask the iPhone Plus users or even some 6,6s or 7 users about the “top left buttons” :slight_smile:

People will be more likely to tweak the app and find some useful features in the settings - this will make them appreciate the app more. They might impulsively decide to give you some feedback, because they happen to notice the feedback option in the settings menu or visit your website and notice that that is not the only app you’re offering…

May I understand the reasoning behind this position? Is there some functionality or coding reason? (I’m not familiar with coding)

I’m using an iPhone 5s right now. And it does not happen to all favourites. (forgot to send the screenshot): The Carbonit Filter is sharp but the box of the filter underneath is very low quality. But when I continue browsing it seems the pictures change randomly. Suddenly the sharp picture is unsharp…

Yes, I’m using the latest Version: 4.0.1 (93). Please have a look in expired favorits. This issue still occurs.

The syncing was slow and incomplete the first time. I needed to close Garagebuy (Mac) and open again. Then the rest was loaded. The viewed, Won and Lost items still do not sync.

What about updating the Mac version? It’s keeps crashing regularly. This way you could also advertise your Mac version in your iPhone app.
[UPDATE:]I’ve made a fresh install of my Mac and also reduced the number of favourites, it runs smoother now but is still crashing from time to time.


we also would love to update the Mac version. And we certainly will do so as soon as we have the time and the money to do so.